EP 04: Jigsaw Puzzles! The Benefits and How to Use Them with Kids

I didn’t think that I could fill an entire episode about jigsaw puzzles, but here we are and I did! We’ll talk about just how beneficial they are for your kids and you! What kind of options there are and how to help your child move from one to another, how we implement them in our family, as well as a step by step on my “best” way to put together a big jigsaw.

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which just means that if you purchase something through one of them, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you, which helps keep the podcast going. I ONLY recommend things that I actually use and love. *

Episode Show Notes

-Wood handle puzzle for babies/toddlers (I like the extra thick wood handles for little baby hands, and that it’s incorporating the shapes and colors into the picture of the house.)

-Melissa & Doug ABC/Numbers/Colors puzzles (These are the exact ones we’ve had for six years and they lasted through all three kids and are still going strong!)

-Puzzles with shape outlines (These are cute animal ones and have the outline of the pieces on the mat)

50(ish) Piece Puzzles

Most of the wood ones I’ve seen are either 48 or 60 pieces.

-Construction puzzle

-Dolphin puzzle (I love sea life scenes!)

-Pirate Ship (We have this one and the kids really like it)

-Disney princess puzzles in tins (We were gifted some mini puzzles in tins similar to this. The quality may not be as good as the pieces can be a bit on the thin side, but the kids enjoy them and they are easy to pack for Grandma’s house or a trip!)

-US/map puzzle (You can get some cheaper cardboard versions, but after going through a few, my favorite are definitely wood ones!)

300-500 piece puzzles

-Sea life 500 piece

-Jungle 500 piece (Joseph got this one for his birthday and LOVES it. It even came with a poster of the picture too!)

-Sea Life 300 piece

-Countryside 550 piece (This is the one we have with the pumpkins!)

1000 piece puzzles

-Cool Planet 1000 piece

-Countryside 1000 piece (Charles Wysocki is an artist whose puzzles, we particularly enjoy)

*Ravensburg is a good brand but we have a lot of other brands as well

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