Soulful Simplicity & Slow Seasonality


I’m Heather, a wife, mama to three, writer, and host of the Curious, Fascinating, and Practical podcast.

In this space you’ll find thoughts, ponderings, and practical tips on cultivating curiosity, wonder, and a love of learning.

Seasons, simplicity, books, beauty, creating, homeschooling, and cultivating a lifegiving home are some of the topics I’m passionate about exploring through the lens of God’s truth and grace.

A fellowship for the journey… 

I’m on a journey of embracing my season, choosing joy, looking for the divine in the mundane, pursuing curiosity, wonder, and a purposeful fascination with life and the God who designed us.

I hope that in this space you’ll find some inspiration, encouragement, community, practical help, or a place to breathe and know you aren’t alone.

So what’s next?

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