Welcome Friend,


I’m Heather,

Wife to my long awaited love, mama to two little knights and a princess (“whom her daddy loves”)

I’m wading through a new season of toddlers, transitions, toilet cleaning, taco cooking, and homeschooling while also trying to make space for my own creative pursuits.

I’m a big believer in re-assessing your season (OFTEN) to live a more fully and purposefully where you are at.

I’m embracing simplicity and working towards more of it in my life.

I’m on a journey to cultivate curiosity, wonder, and my own mind while I practice learning along with my children and laying a feast of great ideas and beauty.

I haven’t “arrived” but maybe something from where I’ve been can help you, inspire you, or encourage you!


When I’m not writing, or diving down a rabbit trail and recording podcasts, I’m cultivating tiny souls, spending time with my husband and littles , changing diapers, homeschooling, and reading (ALWAYS READING!).

If you want to know more, here are 10 random facts…

  1. My father died from leukemia when I was 15.

  2. He worked at the water plant by day but pursued his writing dream by night and in the cracks. He was the one who inspired me to write and would read over my “ultra cheesy” 13 year old novel attempts without an eye roll in sight. (umm….serious willpower & love right there folks!)

  3. I spent a lot of my early 20’s very lost and floating, not really knowing who I was.

  4. Traditional employment is not really my thing. I kind of HATE being tied down to someone else’s schedule, which is probably why I’m so drawn to homeschooling, and working towards being our own bosses and carving out our own path! lol

  5. I’ve had some odd jobs. 911 operator and Emergency dispatcher for the police department (you can listen to the podcast episode I did on that here) ; three different auction companies writing descriptions, setting them up, and entering bids during the live auctions; and at a nut factory getting COVERED in powdered sugar and syrup whilst attempting to make and scale up flavor coated nuts.

  6. I’ve driven a forklift (at aforementioned nut factory).

  7. I’m an Enneagram 9, INFP, yellow with a blue streak on the color test, an introvert, and a highly sensitive person. (Not sure what that is? Find out here)

  8. My favorite decorating style is minimalist rustic modern with lots of white space, plants, natural elements, and neutrals but I still need my colors in the form of a few pops of something bright to make me happy.

  9. I love dancing, Celtic music, sweeping violin instrumentals, playing the piano, ALL THE BOOKS, and one day I want to go to Scotland and walk all over the moors.

  10. I moved to Tucson to go to the University of Arizona’s sign language interpreting program, but after one summer class, I realized it wasn’t for me and moved back to Phoenix where I met my husband, and followed a totally different path.

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