I help you TAILOR your life to fit YOU.

Because life is TOO SHORT to live it like pants that don’t fit

You want to live a full life of passion, purpose, and presence.

You want to really EMBRACE where you are and the life you are living.

You want to actually EXPERIENCE all the wonderful, beautiful, crazy, and weird things that make up your life.

But you are tired, overwhelmed, and constantly rushing around to try and get to EVERYTHING you think you SHOULD be doing and have no idea where to start to make a change to make your life fit YOU.

You need a starting point, a lens, and a guide.


Hi! I’m Heather and you are in the right place!!

I’m a creative mama who believes in the importance of understanding your PERSONALITY, your SEASON, and your PRIORITIES so you can really thrive and flourish in your own unique calling and purpose.

I love Jesus, my family, staying home, traveling, dancing, a good book, encouraging others, and a lot of white space! lol

It took me a LONG time to know myself. To understand my personality, my gifts, and even what I liked.

After a lot of detours, soul searching, and strange jobs (working at a nut factory anyone?!), I ended up marrying my husband and having a honeymoon baby.

It was a whole new kind of hard and I was quickly overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS and learning how to suddenly manage a household, be a wife, and a mother. The dizzying array of decisions and conflicting choices sapped my mental energy and sent me spiraling into overwhelm.

After filling my life up with a bunch of SHOULD’s and trying a bazillion systems, I realized I needed the right lens to filter it all.

A lens that was a personalized combo of my soul passions, priorities, personality, season and simplicity.

If you are overwhelmed by all the input, all the should’s and opinions, and can’t figure out where to start to change it, this is your community.

I’ll give you the encouragement, tools, and support to help you figure out your own lens so you can filter out all the noise, choices, and opinions and move towards a life curated and tailored to fit YOU.

Start with some of these posts:

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- How to Pursue Your Creative Passion as a Mom

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If you want to make some quick changes and aren’t sure where to start, I also offer the Tailor Your Life Personalized Session to help you kickstart a life simplified and tailored to fit you, your personality, season, and priorities.

I LOVED the Tailor Your Life 1 on 1 session I did with Heather! 😍

It was extremely helpful for me to have someone to look at my season and schedule and personal needs with me and help me find simple ways to make things run more smoothly that made life feel simpler and didn’t put more burden on me!

It was like a mommy brain spa for an hour where I had someone to help me figure it all out!

Since I’ve been implementing some new ways to do things it’s been working and helping take off a lot of especially mental pressure and load I was carrying!

Thank you Heather!! ❤️
— Emillie Lionberger

The Tailor Your Life Personalized Session includes:

🌱 A 1 hour FaceTime or in person session to go over your Top 3 priorities, and your Top 3 areas of frustration or overwhelm and work on strategies and ideas based on your personality, priorities, and season

🌱 A free customized Trello board template for you to interactively figure out your rhythm and routine

🌱 A Google spreadsheet with your schedule so we can go over it together to see how we can tailor your time.

🌱 A Google doc with my personalized plan with tips, strategies, and a prioritized action steps list to help you get started and make some quick changes.

🌱 A 1 hour follow up session you can use anytime to assess what's working, what's not, and what you might need to tweak.

If you would like more information or want to reserve your spot, use the form below:


When I’m not writing, creating courses, and helping women simplify and streamline their lives according to their personalities, seasons, and priorities, I’m doing the mom gig, spending time with my husband and kiddos, changing diapers, homeschooling, and reading.

If you want to know more, here are 10 random facts…

  1. My father died from leukemia when I was 15.

  2. He worked at the water plant by day but pursued his writing dream by night and in the cracks. He was the one who inspired me to write and would read over my “ultra cheesy” 13 year old novel attempts without an eye roll in sight. (umm….serious willpower & love right there folks!)

  3. I spent a lot of my early 20’s very lost and floating, not really knowing who I was.

  4. Traditional employment is not really my thing. I kind of HATE being tied down to someone else’s schedule, which is probably why I’m so drawn to entrepreneurship and being my own boss! lol

  5. I’ve had some odd jobs. 911 operator and Emergency dispatcher for the police department (sooo not a good fit for me!); three different auction companies writing descriptions, setting them up, and entering bids during the live auctions; and at a nut factory getting COVERED in powdered sugar and syrup whilst attempting to make and scale up flavor coated nuts.

  6. I’ve driven a forklift (at aforementioned nut factory).

  7. I’m an Enneagram 9, INFP, yellow with a blue streak on the color test, an introvert, and a highly sensitive person. (Not sure what that is? Find out here)

  8. My favorite decorating style is minimalist rustic modern with lots of white space, plants, natural elements, and neutrals but I still need my colors in the form of a few pops of something bright to make me happy.

  9. I love dancing, Celtic music, sweeping violin instrumentals, playing the piano, ALL THE BOOKS, and one day I want to go to Scotland and walk all over the moors.

  10. I moved to Tucson to go to the University of Arizona’s sign language interpreting program, but after one summer class, I realized it wasn’t for me and moved back to Phoenix where I met my husband, so it was definitely the right move!

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I would LOVE to help you curate a life that really WORKS for you and EMPOWERS you to live fully into your unique passion and purpose!

START by grabbing a copy of my FREE 7 Simple Steps to Embracing Your Season checklist so you can decide what’s really important for RIGHT NOW.