Soulful Simplicity & Slow Seasonality

Hi there! I’m Heather.

I’m a wife and mom of three littles wading my way through another newborn season.

I’m a creative mama who believes in the importance of understanding your PERSONALITY, your SEASON, and your PRIORITIES so you can really thrive and flourish in your own unique calling and purpose.

I’d love to help you simplify and tailor your life to fit YOU.

My mission is to help you learn to tailor your life to fit YOU.  

I've found that the more I SIMPLIFY, live SEASONALLY and SLOWER in ways that nourish my SOUL and work with my personality, I am more present and enjoy my life right where I’m at.

I’ve learned a lot over years of trial and error and I’d LOVE to save you time, frustration and overwhelm in figuring it out.

Because honestly?

Life is TOO SHORT to live it like pants that don't fit.

So what’s next?

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