This summer I am starting a new Facebook Live series called Understanding Your Wellness Puzzle.  On Wednesdays, I’ll be jumping on to talk about an area of wellness and how you can learn to listen to your body and give you the tools to take charge of your own health, understand your own unique body, and empower you to make decisions that will improve your wellness!
We will be going over different aspects of wellness, like sleep, food, exercise, stress, etc… and how they work together to add to or subtract from your health and how to start understanding your own unique body and support your overall health.
I’m so excited about this series and I would love to get your feedback.  Please let me know what areas of health you would like to improve in and what your biggest obstacle or struggle is in regards to health and wellness. I really want to tailor this to be as helpful and impactful as possible and address the things you are most wanting to change or need help in!
I’ll be adding the links to the videos to this page so you can find them easily in case you miss the live session and want to hear the replay.
If you want to be notified by email when the next session will be going live, you can subscribe at the bottom of the page.


Links to the Videos:

April 5th- Understanding Your Wellness Puzzle Video #1: Introduction & Overview

Optional Homework:
1. Download 7 Steps to Embracing Your Season and fill it out
2. Write out your “Why” with concrete motivations
3. Write down what obstacles are hindering your journey to better wellness


Coming this Summer!- Understanding Your Wellness Puzzle Video #2: Sleep!