A Favorite Fall Recipe & What’s Been Going On

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I can’t quite believe that it’s almost October! In case you missed it, I was hosting a 30 Day Wellness Challenge and we had a great time in the private Facebook Group, deciding on our goals, encouraging each other, and doing a quick daily check in (although even for me, there were days I didn’t make it on to check in! #lifewithlittles)


30 Day Wellness Challenge

My wellness goal was to do a Whole 30, swim and/or do pilates 3-5x a week, and basically take a bunch of supplements and NingXia Red to support and nourish my body.

Our philosophy was that choosing progress over perfection is not only more life giving, but helps you to just go ahead and take the small steps to keep moving towards your goal, even if you stumble!

It’s been great to hear from people about what they learned during the challenge and how their progress is influencing other areas and goals! And the encouragement and accountability for me as well was such an amazing support and motivation!


I can’t believe it’s been almost a month already! I’ve been so encouraged by my progress during this challenge. Way more than I thought I would be. I’m amazed by how making small, meaningful changes can turn things around for us. One good decision makes the next one so much easier. We don’t have to do it all at once to make progress. I have the most success when I do something really small that I can actually stick to. Thank you for hosting this challenge. I look forward to the next one!


If you missed this Wellness Challenge, don’t worry! We are going to be doing another one in January and I’ll post the details about it in plenty of time beforehand so you can join our private Facebook group and get your goals figured out so we can start the new year strong!

It’s something like 92% of people fail to keep their New Year’s Resolutions, so let’s work together to made good goals to begin with, set ourselves up for success, and encourage and motivate each other along the way! =)


For now, we are going to start deciding on our goals for October so we can capitalize on the momentum we’ve gained in September.  To help with this, I am starting a 12 week year goal setting group.  It’s based on the book The 12 Week Year which talks about setting goals quarterly instead of yearly and how to do better at executing.

I’ll be posting in the group about how to set up your 12 week goals and break them down into Monthly and Weekly actions.  If anyone needs specific help figuring out their goals, I can work with them on it.
Then we will do a Weekly Check In to see how we are progressing.  I’ll be doing a Live video 2-4x a month and giving some tips and encouragement. =)
Here’s the link to join the Facebook group if you are interested or just want to check it out!







I just taught a Fall & Winter Wellness class and here’s the video link if you would like to get your natural wellness arsenal set up before all the winter ickies descend!




We go over gut health, ways to boost your immune system, sleep, nutrition, my go to preventative routine and what I do if someone in my family does get sick! It’s so great to have tools to keep your family healthy and it has made such a HUGE difference for my family.



Super Customizable Baked Fruit

Baked Fruit Dessert


-Enough sliced fruit (apples, peaches, pears, nectarines, plums, apricots) to fill whatever size baking dish you want.
-Lemon juice (about 1 lemon or if using a bottle of lemon juice, just splash a good amount over the fruit. Maybe 2 Tablespoons?)
-Cinnamon (a lot)
-Nutmeg (if you want)

Wow….that was really detailed and helpful right?



1. Slice the fruit thinly. I leave on the skin cuz #idontgottimeforthat but if you want to peel them, go right ahead! =)
2. Dump the fruit into the baking dish
3. Splash/drizzle lemon juice all over the fruit
4. Sprinkle a GOOD amount of cinnamon all over the fruit.
5. Sprinkle a little nutmeg if you have it and want to use it.
6. Mix the fruit around to get all the fruit coated with the spices.
7. Preheat oven to 350
8. Pop in the fruit mixture and bake for 45 minutes give or take.
9. Enjoy all the wonderful smells coming from your kitchen!
10. Eat by itself, with a little whipped cream, or ice cream (if you’re not trying to be healthy), or my favorite lately, spoon some over a bowl of plain or vanilla Greek yogurt.

Here’s the video I made to help with the vague measurements. lol!


It smells so fallish and it tastes just sweet enough that it’s dessert without added sugar, stevia, or the fake stuff. It’s the perfect fall dessert fix for me!

Bonus tip: If you have kids that leave half eaten fruit laying around, don’t throw them! I toss them in my fridge in a bowl and when I have a spare minute, I cut off the eaten part and slice it all up and it totally SAVES all that wasted fruit! I feel like a boss when I do it too. Lol! And I use whatever fruit we have laying around. Sometimes it’s a mishmash of pears, apples, peaches, etc…. Other times it’s just apples. Like I said, super customizable! =)


Here’s the finished product!

Baked Fruit Dessert

I hope you had a wonderful September!

God bless,

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